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Our world is changing.
How we respond not only defines our future, but it defines us.
From design, to manufacturing, to erection, BlackStar SIP’s provides solutions to meet our clients’ changing needs in a changing world.

“I had my 1st opportunity to build with SIP’s (the plywood version) in 2004, and I became instantly intrigued with them.  The project was a 5,000 SF restaurant, and it went up extremely fast and was incredibly energy efficient.”
~ Les Allen, Owner.

Structurally Insulated Panel Systems (SIPs)

BlackStar SIPs provides a full line of services involving Structurally Insulated Panel Systems (SIPs), including design consultation, manufacturing, and installation. SIPs are stronger, safer, more energy efficient and more cost effective than standard building methods. Our team of experts can help you determine the best approach for your project.

The history of building with SIPs

In the US, SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) are a bit of a new thing. Most houses here are still made with wood studs and blocks, but there's a growing interest in building homes and making them super energy-efficient, and that's where SIPs are becoming more popular. This might be surprising because we've been using SIPs since the 1950s. Fun fact: The very first prefabricated panels, made with layers of plywood and tar paper, were used by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the Usonian houses back in the 1930s. Alden Dow, an architect, and brother of the Dow Chemical’s founder became inspired by a project led by Frank Lloyd Wright. He noticed that using panels could speed up construction, and he saw a chance to make things even better by adding insulation. After some experimenting, he produced a panel that had a core of insulating styrofoam, basically creating the very first SIP. He used these panels to build several houses, but it took a few decades to figure out a way to make them at a reasonable cost. During that time, labor and heating weren't as expensive as materials, so the 'new' technology didn't catch on quickly. Now, things are changing fast. In today's developed world, labor and energy costs make up a bigger chunk of building expenses. So, we're entering a new era where SIPs are becoming a big deal in construction.

Types of
BlackStar SIPs

  • Wood SIPs and

  • Cementous SIPs -
    Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) SIPs*


*Our Cementous SIPs are the next generation of SIPs



SIPs panel construction is a componentized panel system that reduces construction time, material cost and on-site labor. SIPS factory built Roof, Floor and Wall panels consists of a Fiber Cement Board or Moisture Resistant OSB panel to produce a strong, durable and energy efficient structure.

SIPs panels can be used for the construction of green, energy efficient buildings such as: Affordable Homes, Luxury Homes, Multi-Family Homes and Commercial structures.BlackStar SIPs can help you with your design, on-site technical assistance, SIPs installation training, project development, International marketing, and much more.

Storm Safe

Hurricane and Tornado safe up to 230 MPH


Designed to optimize energy consumption (R-Values up to R55)


Approx. 50% faster build than traditional methods - reducing time & labor expenses

Thermal Powerhouse

Top-notch insulation and airtightness. Approximately 50% more energy efficient than conventional materials

Fire Resistant

Exceptional fire rating - Non-combustible with a Class A fire rating

Improved Air Quality

Filters out contaminants and allergens and moisture better than conventional build

Eco Friendly

Rated as “Zero Off-Gassing" as well as producing a Net-Negative Carbon Footprint


Made from lower "embodied energy" unlike steel, concrete, and masonry - reducing CO2 emissions


Our IMPACT resistant panels can withstand environmental, animal, and insect challenges


Walls and roofs are made in a factory setting - resulting in a speedy process reducing on-site labor by 55%

MgO Structure vs Wood Structure
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Ready to step up your building game
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